The game is unlocked after Pack Man.

Michael has disappeared. Franklin has a worry. Trevor… Trevor is acting strangely Trevor-like. He is, nevertheless, sufficiently cooperative to alert Franklin to Michael’s probable whereabouts… To be exact, in the hands of the Chinese mafia. Franklin is now tasked with the task of rescuing his’mentor’ from a grisly end in which Michael will be transformed into a hotdog…

– Enter Franklin’s home as Trevor or Franklin. Bear in mind that this is his former address, not his current one.

– Keep an eye out for the cut scene. Trevor has once again struck out. Many thanks, Lord.

– Board a bus bound for Franklin. Keep a look out for a phone call from Lester.

– Proceed to Michael. Dude is in a jam, and you’re under a time crunch to bail him out. Begin by navigating to the map and adding a waypoint outside the building where Michael is now located. Keep a mental note of your location. He is now employed in a meat packing factory in Cypress Flats, only a block from the neighborhood Ammu-Nation.

– Returning to Franklin. Set the same waypoint and drive as quickly as possible to reach it.

– Make your way to the black-and-white roofed building. There are several thugs at the rear of a vehicle. Take down the men that come out of the building first, then stay under cover and eliminate the other guys.

– Seek shelter at the entrance door. You will be shot many times. Pursue revenge and penetrate the structure.

– After this point, this mission becomes a shooting range. To rescue Michael, you must make your way through the warehouse. You’ve already done this: moved from room to room, blowing out evil people along the way. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty, since there is enough shelter. Bear in mind that men exist on a variety of different levels, not only on the earth. If your injuries worsen, return to one of the early rooms to get a First-Aid Kit.

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– You’ll approach Michael after a brief encounter with several men. Toss a gun to Michael after shooting the attacker.

– That is entirely up to Michael’s discretion. With auto aim, blast the men who emerge. You have no means of concealment, so act fast. Maintain an eye out for the two gentlemen on your left.

– Switch to the Franklin mode. Keep an eye on your surroundings as you ascend the hallway. Assassinate the first person who approaches…

-…then as Michael, shoot the man off Franklin. It should be straightforward with auto aim functioning.

– Make your way to the next room and join forces with Michael and Franklin to clear it. Unless you’ve discovered a plenty of automatic ammunition, switch to Franklin; Michael is presently short on equipment.

– As you approach the rear of the building, two vehicles will be waiting for you. Spend a few minutes destroying one and escaping in the other. If you don’t, you’ll be chased around the city by thugs who will shoot up your vehicle. It’s much simpler to cope with if you exclude them from the equation entirely. If you do not destroy the vehicle before leaving, I suggest forming an offensive line on your route to Michael’s home so you may blow them up with your combined firepower.

Switch Limiter – Limits the number of consecutive switches to three. This will need either repeating the task many times to get familiar with the area from the start, or noting the position on a map outside of the game. Following that, swap characters only when absolutely required.

Accuracy in Shooting – Achieve a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Self-aim!

Headshots – Kill at least 10 opponents with headshots. Automatic aiming and upward pointing!

Michael has 3:30 minutes to be saved. Franklin is located close to the meatpacking facility, so this section is straightforward if you know where to go.

Use a map waypoint sparingly if you lack a strong sense of direction. Once again, the key to meeting this criterion is knowing just where to go. You’re on your way to the eastern trainyards of Cypress Flats, which are located only a block from Ammu-Nation.

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