The Android OS is awesome undoubtedly. In fact smartphones are awesome, we have ‘em around almost all the time now. At the school, in the office, at the Park and even on a date. Smartphones are our natural extension now, we are so much relied on these devices that a life without a smartphone is like a year without rain. But what if you were to lose your phone? What if your phone is damaged and you can’t recover your data? How will you get back your important Apps, Messages, Contacts, Bookmarks, Calenders back like before? It can be a very problematic situation to be in when it comes to damaged smartphones. However, taking backup of your Android Phone can be a great way to stay away from sudden hassles. You can simply restore them on your new device or restore them back to your device when needed.

In this post we will be discussing various method of taking Android Backup available to us and which one are the most efficient and cost effective too.


App Settings&Passwords: Enable the “Back up my data” by ticking it in the “Settings” , this will ensure that your WiFi passwords, App settings etc. are saved to the Google Servers. So, when you next time factory reset your device you don’t have to hassle about setting up everything from the beginning.

Media: To backup your photos and videos you can use the “Photos” app by Google which is present by default as a part of the Google+. You can set the system to automatic Backup your photos and videos to your Google Account. Make sure you check the sharing settings once as you don’t want to share all your photos with the world.

Contacts: You can save all the contacts to your Gmail account so whenever you use any device with the same Gmail account then all your previous contacts will be synchronized with the new phone. Simply synchronize your contacts with the Google Account.

Calenders: Your important events and dates are already synchronized with the Google account whenever you are connected to a WiFi.

Well, this was pretty much it. You cannot transfer your messages, contacts, Apps etc. to other device this way. You’ll need some more tools for that purpose. Lets get familiar with some App that can help you backup your Android Phone.


When it comes to backing up Android phones, there are plenty of Apps available in the market. Most of them are free of cost but spending some $s will definitely add to the experience. Such, as you can get a lot of cloud storage to save your backup files.

Some of these apps are listed below:

Helium: Helium, an app by the well know developer Clockworkmod is one great app for taking a backup of your Android smartphone to your PC. Yes, this works with its compliant PC software which you first have to install and then connect your device and PC using the Helium PC App. Although it works great if done right but can be a little bit of workout for the first timers.

Helium Premium: Add some premium Cloud storage to the Free Helium app and you get the Helium Premium. For $4.99 a month you get the ability to backup your data to various cloud storage services such as the Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. This can be a great advantage over any free Android Backup app available.

Avast Mobile Backup: The PC Antivirus king and Mobile security champion Avast has its own Mobile Backup App available and its great. You need to create an Account with Avast and then you are ready to go.

SMS Backup & Restore: Just like the name suggests, this app only lets you backup SMS messages.

Super Backup: This app is what I wanted to talk about, I personally recommend this app to everyone looking for a free Android backup app. With Super Backup, you can backup almost everything about your phone and then keep a copy of the backup on your PC or on your Dropbox/GDrive.

Let Us know how you backup your Android smartphone. We’ll be happy to know your suggestions.