Skate it possibly one of the most annoying games I have ever played. While it claims to be original and innovative, it is essentially Skate for the PS2 and Xbox, which came out in 2007, with gimmicky controls strapped on to it. I thought that the Wii had been out long enough for developers to realise they can’t get away with this anymore, but I was sadly mistaken.

Your home city of San Vanelona has been destroyed by some kind of horrific natural disaster, which by some freak coincidence has turned the whole place into a skating haven. As opposed to looking for some shelter, finding food and trying to get evacuated before a building comes crashing down on your head, you and your cameraman buddy tour the city getting some “ill” footage.

You have a lot of freedom in the game, with loads of levels, and you skate around looking for challenges where your cameraman films you doing tricks. Some are quite good fun, but most of the time you end up falling flat on your face and trying again. And again. And again. If you manage to actually defeat the odds and get through the challenge, you are rewarded with a movie of yourself getting some “gnarly air” or doing a “fresh move”. However, I found the camera sometimes filmed from an odd angle, and I even ended up with one movie being filmed from inside of my chest. Also, by the time you have finished the challenge, you will have ended up just button mashing and the skater will just look like he is dancing around on top of the board.

The controls are unresponsive and annoying. How many times now have I wanted to snap the Wii remote in half because I do an olly instead of a manual, or a challenge has told me to do an “fs pop shuvit”, assuming that I actually can remember the bizarre combination of twists and flicks required to make the skater perform it? The game could probably have been quite enjoyable, if it weren’t so infuriating. You can also play the game with a Wii balance board, but anyone who has Wii fit probably isn’t the kind of person who would want this game anyway, and there are about 5 people in the whole of the UK who actually beat the queues and managed to buy one. I expect I would end up simply stomping it to pieces anyway.

Some of the features in the game can be quite fun, like the slipway level where you race against the clock down a complex maze of sewers, or the giant ramp near the library. However, they are again spoiled by the abysmal controls, and to add insult to injury (actually just more injury), you will find that very often, you will simply fall off your board while trying to do a trick for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

I would recommend this game to… umm… well if you know anyone who has a Wii balance board, I’m sure you can pass it on to them. You might get a few chuckles out of it.

We Give it 68

+ Freedom in the levels

+Some fun features

-Annoying and gimmicky controls

-Seemingly impossible challenges