The Internet is all about good content. The great Bill Gates first said that “content is king,” and he was certainly right on the money. Each website on the Internet has content to tell us what the page is all about and this content is generally composed within articles. You may find that you have a tremendous amount of competition in your niche and your chance to set your operation apart from all the rest lies in the creation of great content. Article writing is a skill that is in high demand these days and is sure to increase. You simply cannot get away with poorly constructed content and this is as important as a well designed and optimised website. Believe me, visitors are very picky and if they do not see immediate value in the content they are reading, they will click to tell you goodbye. Don’t take the risk, as “on point” virtual assistants can make all the difference in your long-term goals.

Article writing, quite simply, sets your credibility and tells people why they should purchase from you. Entertainment, education and information are three critical components of well structured articles and content. This is not the Internet of old and it is no longer possible to throw up any old content, put your main keywords within as often as possible and try and gain ranking advances this way. Search engines have now been well programmed and they will be able to pick apart your content to see if it’s on point. You may never have heard of latent semantic indexing, but this process allows the engines to see if your content really contains any relevant, related or secondary keywords as well. In doing this, they determine if you are relevant to your primary subject, as if certain trigger words or phrases that normally complement your prime words are missing, your content fails.

A lot of people do not have the time, nor the relevant skill to put together and provide great article content. They should look no further than a professional virtual assistant company, where optimisation, content creation and LSI are all engaged. Make no mistake about it, article composition must be right at the top of your list of website development tasks for the new year as you commence your Internet marketing initiatives.

Any professional virtual assistance company will tell you that you can use articles in a variety of different ways. They can form the content on your website development, detailing uses for your products or services, or they can be used to compile newsletters, which are sent out to your e-mail lists. Remember that an e-mail membership program is one of the best ways to promote your business. Allocate a regular page or section of your website to help you capture names and e-mail addresses. When trying to collect contact details, offer the prospect something really nice in return and help to convince him or her that you can give them great information on your niche. Do not attempt to hard sell through your e-mail newsletters, but just send great and informative material with the emphasis on the fact that content is king. Your professional content writer can also provide you with those all-important blog posts for your blog as well…