Godaddy is a web solutions provider established in 1997 in Scotsdale, Arizona, USA. What started out as a modest domain name provider grew to be the world’s largest ICANN accredited domain name registrar managing 46 million names today. It naturally expanded its services to include web hosting as well as the development and sales of ebusiness and site design software. Through massive and aggressive advertising campaigns which included sponsorships in major sports events like the Super Bowl, Godaddy has grown to be a formidable competitor and a giant in the industry offering a complete line up of web solution services. Anything web, Godaddy has it!

As a web host provider, Godaddy is known for introducing affordable hosting packages which are reasonable and competitive. They offer 3 hosting packages – the Economy, Deluxe and Premium.

Economy Package

The Economy package costs $5.99 per month for a minimum of 3 months subscriptions. Progressive discounts are given if you subscribe for longer periods like a 36 month hosting package will end up to be $3.99 per month! It comes with a mere 10 GB of storage space though but with unlimited bandwidth and 100 email accounts. (So, if you foresee a lot of activity involving videos and images which require a sizable amount of storage space, this plan may not be for you!)

Deluxe Package

The Deluxe package offers some better value for your money. At $7.99 per month for a minimum 3 months of hosting, you get 150 GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited websites. With 500 free email accounts, this plan is obviously for businesses and commercial websites in which case the 150 GB may end up insufficient in the long run. As in the Economy package, substantial discounts are given to long term subscriptions. For a 36 month hosting period, you’d pay only $5.19 per month (a substantial discount of 35%). This kind of package would suit small businesses and online stores.

Premium Package

The Premium Package comes with a premium price tag too. For a 3 month hosting period, the Premium Package would cost you $14.99 per month. However, for a 36 month subscription, you get a hefty 40% discount with your monthly cost going down to only $8.99. The benefits you get on this package are superb! You get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, 1,000 email accounts plus you get unbeatable exclusives! You get a free premium DNS, a site scanner, SSL Certificate and a fixed IP address! This is simply perfect and essential for everyone dealing with online commerce! With the SSL certificates, online shoppers can be confident that information flowing to and from your website is protected.

All the above packages come with freebies too! With the Economy and Deluxe packages, you get $100 Google ad credits, $50 Yahoo/Bing ad credits, and $50 Facebook ad credits. (You can get more details on all this plans on Godaddy website.)

Performance and Reliability

Although Godaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime, it may encounter some momentary server problems and may slow down at times. Although very rare, this latency can be expected from a hosting giant that has millions of users accessing their servers at any single time! But worry not because Godaddy will immediately make a refund corresponding to the duration of your downtime! The company keeps records and statistics of your usage so it can always check against it. You just have to remember to forward a complaint to the company since it doesn’t actually make automatic refunds.

Godaddy does not offer a 30-day money back guarantee like most other hosting providers. This makes me wonder. Could it be because it is a member of the Better Business Bureau where you can always file a complaint or make a claim against them? Or, could it be because they have grown so big that they believe their reputation precedes them and therefore they don’t need to put up guarantees for prospective clients to try their services?

Customer Support

Godaddy has a 24/7 email support service with an expected response time of 3 hours. I believe the company courses its support servicing requirements through off shore business processing organizations or call centers. But whatever, their fastest waiting time is 4 minutes.

Control Panel

Godaddy has its own proprietary control panel and does not use the more popular, widely used and user-friendly cPanel. Although some of the more tech savvy users find Godaddy’s control panel intuitive and sophisticated, for many it may take time to get used to.

Some Important Notes

Godaddy has a unique ‘Hosting Concierge’ service which provides you with a dedicated team to help you set up on their hosting plan and get your site online fast. They will email you a special phone number which you can use to contact your team. This feature is a free service and is good for 30 days from the date of purchase!


Definitely, with its clout and reputation as a trusted web solutions provider, Godaddy can easily be one of your best choices. Apart from the competitive hosting packages, their hosting packages comes with awesome language support, a line up of essential plug-ins, add-ons and tools, and the best range of applications to get your websites online in no time and with ease.