I can’t believe in roughly nine to eleven weeks little Willow Jean will be joining our family – both Alleigh and Kaelyn made their entrance into the world at about 38 weeks so I have a feeling it will be closer to the 9 week from now range. When I entered the blogging world almost two years ago I started reading up on all the natural and organic options that were available in pretty much every aspect of our life that I had no idea existed before and with baby number three on the way I have been looking even further into natural options for her as well. And so I was very excited to learn about Naturalmat.

At Naturalmat their mission is to provide babies with the best, safest, natural sleeping environment after all in that first year of life a lot of time is spent sleeping. They discovered the amazing potential of natural and organic materials like organic coir, latex and organic cotton which are much healthier and more functional than synthetics. And so using the best raw ingredients, Naturalmat created a range of baby mattresses which are hand-crafted in England and are not only comfortable, but also breathable, washable, and non-allergenic. Their products are made from 100% natural materials – no chemicals, no plastics and no PVC – which gives parents the reassurance that their baby has a safe, comfortable and healthy start in life.

Now I will be completely honest these mattresses are super high quality and are definitely worth their price tag, but that price tag is a bit steep especially for our family that lives on one income. It was great to see that Naturalmat introduced an economical option that allows parents to easily turn their existing crib mattress into an organic one with the new Top Mat.

The Top Mat is a light weight quilted mattress which contains two layers of organic lambs wool which has been treated with essential oils including lavender, lemon and eucalyptus offering protection against bed bugs and dust mites. It also has a breathable overlay for better ventilation. The combination of these natural and breathable materials help to regulate babies temperature and in turn helps them to sleep better. The Top Mat perfectly fits on top of a standard size crib mattress and can also be rolled up and packed away to use on vacation or when visiting family. To make it even easier to tote around Naturalmat also offers a travel drawstring bag which can be purchased separately. And like all the Naturalmat products it is completely chemical free. Oh and it is machine washable which makes this momma very happy! Plus it was very easy to put on Willow’s crib. I simply unrolled it, placed it on top of her mattress, and put the crib sheet on top.

I love that I was able to give Willow a natural sleeping environment with the Naturalmat Top Mat without having to completely purchase a new mattress though if you would prefer to go that route you definitely should check out their crib mattresses. You can find a list of retailers on the Naturalmat USA website.

And if you would like check out the video below to learn a bite more about Naturalmat and how their mattresses are made! Be sure to like their Facebook page too so you can be aware of special promotions, new products, and more.