The last time Apple provided an OS upgrade to its users of various Apple devices were in iOS6 and it was quite a hit. Users liked most of the features that were added that was the primary reason for its success. With the rumors that the iOS7 is on fast track and that the release date can be announced soon. The rumors on the possible features that the new iOS7 may have are increasing with every passing day. Below you can find some of the features which you may expect iOS7 to deliver to its users.

Some Features for iPhone

Apple is looking to achieve a greater synergy between software and hardware in the new design of the iOS of iPhone. This was reported in late march in wall street journal. The icons are expected to be more flat than the present iOS6 of iPhone. They will be less bubbly and more square and flat in their looks. There will be new look that will for the apps also and they may also get a more flat look just like the icons. There will be a new lock screen for iPhone, which will be much more customizable than the present lock screen, where you will be able to see time, weather and many other types of data. The expectations are high the integration and the features of Siri will also see and increase. The rumors are that you will be able to integrate whole operating system with Siri, just like Google search.

Some Features for iPad

There are rumors that the new OS will come with mission control, which will enable you to view anytime the apps that are running on your iPad. Another feature that they may include is of quick reply, in which you may reply to the latest message without opening the message app and without even unlocking the lock screen. Multi-tasking in iOS6 is still something that Apple has not been able to achieve perfectly, but in the new OS they will certainly address this problem for iPad. At times the hassle that you have to go through to empty all the applications that are running on the background is really annoying for iPad users. In iPad you can make very minor adjustments like brightness and volume, no real settings can be changed and you have to go through multiple menus. That’s why rumor has that Apple may incorporate in new OS of iPad the integration of widgets in the home screen.

Some Features to Reduce Dependence on Accessories

The features which will be included in iPad mini OS, will be quite similar to iPad, but there may be new features which reduce the use of some iPad mini accessories. There may be multiple card reading facility which now you to buy iPad mini accessories. There are also people buying best FM transmitter for iPhone, by providing ability to listen to FM in new OS, Apple can reduce your need to buy best FM transmitter for iPhone.


The above information is just rumors or suggestions that are associated with the release of the new Apple OS. But these rumors are being spread by some very reliable sources of the tech industry and therefore the chances of these rumors being true are very high.