Following the development and the big news of the Internet, has changed, or rather, it has evolved much the way we do marketing, but what will happen now and what will be the strategy to be adopted in order to achieve success in a the near future?

The so-called Marketing 2.0, which has dominated the last year, according to authoritative exponents as P.Kotler is going to wane, the social network but also how to sell star working today seems less and less, although even now, however, many activities can still to “squeeze” the system with significant revenue. What you can do so to acquire more customers and to dominate in some way what will be the sales processes of the future?

First you have to treat customers well and with love, with proper respect for competitors, and this is crucial according to all the leading industry experts as an online store is rated in all its branches, opening the first page to the delivery of a product or providing a service (with their service if there was a need). Then we must always be ready to change, adapting in some way to what are the transformations of the case, otherwise you risk being left behind and greatly decrease their revenue.

Then there are thousands of online competitors already underway for years can soppiantarci in all those who are the main fields of sales, well, then it is appropriate to focus on a niche, offering products and specialized solutions, focusing its attention on one area, however, that can give us the benefit of experience; what sense would it run business selling hardware for example, when there are competitors so big that totally supplant our company, unless large investments in advertising and competitive prices? Going downward in fact not part of the business properly, because you must maintain a price that may reflect the quality of services offered, costs excessively low indeed will worry about the customer, maybe for a few dollars more will decide to buy in the usual store where you always felt good. To beat the competitors should instead try to steer customers to your business and your products, with all those means and ways that the web offers some time now.

Customers are always treated well, then, as if they are satisfied will come back, even for small orders or sporadic, and word of mouth will do nothing but, thanks to new rating systems and sharing, increase the volume of your sales. Miglioratevi then always try every day to solve even minor problems so as to offer the best possible performance across all situations. Adeguatevi progress and exploited all the opportunities that present themselves to you and only in this way to be able to master even the Marketing 3.0, this phenomenon is still rather “mysterious” but that begins to appear on the web in an ever more significant.