> _ “Gaming on Linux??? Yeah, this author must certainly beoff his coconut!” That’s the response I usually get when I try to get people to warm up to theidea that Linux can be a gamers’ delight too! In this series, atLinuxCandy, I plan to introduce my readersto the World of Linux Gaming. In truth,there really are quite a lot of games available for the Linux gamer. throughoutthis series, we shall explore these Games, and try to find the games thatreally stand out! Nexuiz This week’s post, we review Nexuiz, a popular Fast Paced FirstPerson Shooter Game. Nexuiz is a really fast paced First Person Shooter. The Game started as amodification of Quake, around 2001, and since then, has built up its own fanfollowing. It’s a cross platform game, which means that a single game package caters to all platforms: Windows, Linux or Mac!The game developers, AlienTrap, have really done a good job of integrating thevarious packages to ensure that the gameruns fine on all three platforms. Thegame looks a lot like a nightmare from Quake, as the characters are reallygaudily coloured and are a real sour sight. But I guess, in a fast paced FPS game, this doesn’t mattermuch. I tested it on a Debian 5 GNU/Linux 64bit “lenny”,and the game ran perfectly on the following System Config: AMD Phenom 2 X2 555 Black Edition (2cores running, 2 locked) 6 GB DDR3 Corsair Memory Asus M4A88TD-V EVO motherboard

The beauty of this game,is that it provides a really huge amount of options to configure every aspectof the game, from player Avatars to Performance settings.

Yup! Plethora of customization options available!

Theavatars, as I mentioned before, are really monstrous, but don’t let that stopyou from changing their appearance, and making them look more hideous thanbefore!

Yeah, I certainly don’t like you, Ugly!!

The game provides a host of options to make itrun on almost any pc, from an old Pentium or Athlon to even the latest Coreseries or Phenoms. The video settings can be tweaked to ensure smooth game play.There are some preset performance settings, such as “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Ultra”, that provehelpful too.

Moving on to Gameplay, you will be surprised by the level of immersion it provides. The game grows on you, once you adjust yourself to the fast paced action. Beginners might find themselves dying a lot in the beginning, but the learning curve isn’t too steep, and the gamer will stabilize himself/herself quite soon.

GamePlay! Moving on to Gameplay, you will be surprised by the level of immersion itprovides. The game grows on you, once you adjust yourself to the fast pacedaction. Beginners might find themselves dying a lot in the beginning, butthe learning curve isn’t too steep, and the gamer will stabilizehimself/herself quite soon. Beginners will find that they tense up their mouse hand quite frequently, and must remember to let loose. A better aesthetic mouse will go a long way! Gamepads can also be configured, but without the auto-aim functionality on a PC, you’ll have a very very hard time accustoming yourself to the game’s fast pace.. Not recommended for inexperienced players. There’s also the Nex, a power upgrade that when taken, provides you with enhanced strength and weapon damage. Taking this upgrade can tip the scales in your favor when the time is right. Most Campaign maps have it. The campaign mode takes youthrough more than 30 different maps, built for particular gametypes, and youcant go to the next level, until you complete the current one. There are some interesting gamemodes, like :

Free for All : Kill anything and everything that moves. Noexceptions

Capture the Flag: Capture your enemies flag, and bring it back to yourbase, and you score!

Domination : Make sure that all the points are under your control, andyou rule!

Key Control

: Similar to CTF, but here, the player carries encryptedKeys. Collect all keys, and you score!

The Maps!

Campaign Mode

There are a variety of Maps, and you wont be bored in the campaign mode. The maps, from simple shoot-em-up types to long-winded strategy types, are well designed for both long ranged and short ranged combat. The map q1dm6, for example, is a remake of the classic quake map DeathMatch. Brings back old memories, eh?


Rocket Launcher Ahoy!

Eat that, You little piece of Shit! =_= If you are one of those weapon freaks, who love to shove their big badweapons under their opponents noses and blast them away to kingdom come, thenthis game will not disappoint you. The game provides a plethora of differenttypes of weapons, ranging from a simple ShotGun, to the CryLink (Trust me,you’ll love this one!) the all powerful Rocket Launcher, all of which havetheir own pros and cons. The rocket Launcher, for example, can launch rockets (duh!) and you can even controlthe rocket trajectory by laser guiding, or choose to detonate the rocketwhenever you want (by simply right-clicking at the right time) There are some weapons, however, that don’t show up in the campaign maps at all! consider the “Grappling Hook” and the “Port-O-Launch” for example. However, most of the other weapons are awesome enough to make you forget about those two quirks.


multiplayer servers list

The multiplayer gaming mode is well developed, and as we can see in the screenshot above, there’s no dearth of games available. Most beginners might do well to finish the campaign mode before jumping online. This author found out, that noobs are frowned upon in the multiplayer realms

However, there are no Indian based servers, and hence Indian gamers can expect really bad pings if you have a low speed broadband connection (Yeah! It exists!)

Closing Note:

After playing this for quite a while, the player will feel quite a home with Quake and other similar FPS games. Expect an improvement in your reflexes, and slight pain in your wrist (yeah, my mouse sucks). But that wont stop you from firing Nexuiz up and having a frag! All things considered, I rate this game a healthy 7.5/10 Hopefully, new updates will improve the character designs, and it’ll start looking better! Get the Game here! The latest version is 2.5, and is available from SourceForge If you have Debian/Ubuntu, you can simply go on to Synaptic Package Manager, and install Nexuiz Image Credits: Google Images, Open Source Websites, WikiPedia, Myself