Verizon Wireless has discontinued offering unlimited data plans to new customers this week and the options for new customers are not very desirable. For those who are existing Verizon Wireless customers with an unlimited data plan, you will be able to keep that plan as long as you are with Verizon. For those that currently do have that plan, you are saving money if you exceed, or may exceed, 2 GB in a month. Under the new tiered data plans, the cost for 2 GB of data per month is $30, which is the same price that existing Verizon customers currently pay for 5 GB of data per month on their unlimited data plans.

Under the new plans with Verizon for a tiered data plan, the base tier calls for the usage of up to 2 GB per month at a cost of $30. The next level up is $50 for 5 GB per month, then $80 for 10 GB per month. There is an entry level plan of $10 for 75 MB per month. If you exceed the tier that you are in during the month, Verizon will extend you another 1 GB for $10. These new plans will provide some new revenue for Verizon as the new LTE smart phones increase and people start downloading far more because it is so fast.

With the changes that Verizon is putting into place, they now join AT&T who last year changed to a tiered data plan for their new customers. T-Mobile currently has what they are calling an unlimited plan, but once you exceed the limits of the tier that you are in, the speed at which data is send to your mobile device is significantly reduced, so it is not really an unlimited plan. With all of these changes, some are saying that the tiered data plans being offered by Verizon are higher than those being offered by AT&T. That does appear to be the case and one wonders if AT&T will raise their tiered data plan rates to match Verizon.

Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plans

In the US, that leaves Sprint as the only large wireless carrier that is offering an unlimited data plan. With this, Sprint is in a good position right now to attract business as their direct competitor, T-Mobile USA, is in the process of being merged into AT&T assuming that the current purchase ends up being approved. The only down side to Sprint right now is that they do not have the Apple iPhone and that may well change with the next iPhone that is released.

With these kinds of changes, there may be some minor shifts in customers counts, but Verizon may not see many changes and Sprint may be the only one that wins out of all of this.