Try it out … Windows XP on smartphone!

Although old, Windows XP is always loved by users because of its compactness and simplicity. If you want to review old memories with Windows XP, this article will suggest you a solution that is equally compact, that is to experience it on your Android smartphone. As follows.

In fact, you don’t need to download the Windows ISO installation package of Windows XP or do any complicated tricks, simply download the APK package below and proceed to install it.

After installation is complete, click on the application icon at the standby screen.

And select it as the system’s default Launcher application.

Then XP Mode Launcher will boot and the Wellcome screen and familiar Windows XP boot sound will appear in front of you.

And the desktop of Windows XP appears, the wallpaper will be the Android wallpaper that you set up earlier.

In general, this is just a Launcher application that emulates Windows XP, so everything is relative, not completely Windows XP, so be aware.

Download XP Mode Launcher here (!Cdc1zSTZ!1m6t8bmN24SZ_LN4VNTxoEDHtg6OtPQ0QZpVM9QEccg).