If you are a swimmer or do this activity seriously, you can use a swimming tracking watch. However, Phlex – a startup company in Florida considers that these swimming tracking wristwatches are not hydrodynamics and are not accurate enough. Therefore, they have designed Edge.

Edge device uses biosensors to track over 30 swim indexes during exercise. These include indexes such as distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, breathing …

After the user finishes the swim, Edge syncs with the iOS / Android app on the user’s smartphone. Using machine learning algorithms based on cloud computing, the app provides analytics of swimmer performance and the advice needed to improve their swimming results in the near future.

The device also allows athletes to set training goals and access to a database of training exercises written by Olympian, Iron Men and elite coaches.

In addition, Edge allows users to monitor their heart rate in real time (there is an infrared sensor attached to the wearer’s temple). This can be done by pressing a tactile feedback button on the device, making it quickly redirect their measurement of heart rate.

Edge device is currently calling for production funding on Indiegogo. If it was manufactured successfully and launched to the market, the expected retail price is 299 USD / unit.