We all know that there are nicotine patches designed to aid people in quitting smoking, but the freshest piece of good news is skin patches that help burn body fat are now available. Although this technology seems unbelievable, it is confirmedly feasible. Recent research conducted at Nanyang Technical University (Singapore) shows that these patches work for mice.

Each patch is covered by hundreds of microneedle, filled with either beta-3 adrenergic or T3 triiodothyronine. Both of them are previously proven to help lose fat by converting white fat, which is saved energy, into brown fat, which is burning calories. That is the reason why these patches are developed.

When they are applied onto an obese rat in 2 minutes, microneedles explode and sink into its skin. They are completely safe, gradually applying to the targeted areas, which is under the layer of white fat.

The study shows that the mice using patches combined with a high-fat diet lose 30% body fat in 4 weeks. It also lowers cholesterol in blood and fat acid than their no-patch-counterparts.

“The number of drugs we used in the patch,” says Professor Xu Chenjie, “is much less than those used in oral medication or an injected dose. This lowers the drug ingredient costs while our slow-release design minimizes its side effects.”