What is Zoom?

In today’s increasingly busy life, the demand for online learning is increasing, so software that meets the requirements of online education is quite popular. One of the best solutions is to use the online learning application Zoom Cloud Meetings (from now on referred to as Zoom for short).

Zoom is a software designed for individuals, businesses, schools or hospitals, large corporations to conduct online meetings and conferences at many locations around the globe, serving several Specific purposes such as videoconferencing, online training, distance medical treatment.

With just a few steps to set up and log in, users can easily use Zoom software for their purposes.

Zoom software’s features

Learn quickly anywhere, on a variety of devices

To best serve the needs of customers, the online learning software Zoom Cloud Meetings was released to create online lessons with video or voice anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

With Zoom, users can quickly join the meeting anytime, anywhere on many devices with the only requirement of having a stable internet connection (Wifi, 3G, 4G / LTE). The software is also compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems, giving users a lot of choices when using.

The sound quality and picture are excellent and stable

Zoom is designed for customers who are mainly businesses, most calls are group calls, so call sound quality is focused first. The software allows the number of people participating in the conversation up to 100 people, with clear audio and video quality, but still provides a dialogue of exchanging messages with fast speed.

Saving costs and time for users

For a busy person or often on a business trip, traditional learning has a lot of difficulties. However, preparing an online classroom with full equipment is very costly. Also, with the growing epidemic situation, it is challenging for students to consolidate their knowledge when not attending school. Therefore, Zoom is the optimal choice because of its cost savings, just using a stable internet with the Zoom app, you can take online lessons anytime, anywhere.

In addition to these outstanding features, the Zoom software also has other features such as simple interface, easy to use, allowing users to share files, screens, search and store call history, can make friends, invite friends to apply via email.

Instructions for installing Zoom software

For mobile phones/tablets

Step 1: Access to CH Play (for Android OS) or App Store (for IOS). Go to the search field and type the name of the ZOOM Cloud Meetings application and download it to your computer.

Step 2: Open the application, select Join a Meeting.

Step 3: Enter the class ID and pass according to the teacher information provided. Then enter the student’s first and last name, and select Join.

Step 4: App Zoom will appear asking for permission to access Micro and Camera, click OK. Next, select Join with Video and start learning.

For laptops, desktops (With Webcam)

Step 1: Go to Google browser, enter download zoom.

Step 2: After the searches appear, click on “Download Center-Zoom.”

Step 3: Click on the word “Download” on the screen, then click on the name “save file” to download the application to your computer.

Step 4: Once you’ve downloaded the application to your computer, go to Explore on Download and double-click on the form “Zoom installer” => Select “Run”.

Step 5: After the application is 100% run, the zoom software interface will appear on the screen, continue to click on the word “Join a Meeting”.

Step 6: Enter the ID and password provided, select “Join”.

Step 7: Select “Join with Computer Audio” and start the lesson

Some disadvantages of Zoom software

Free use for lessons less than 40 minutes. Therefore, teachers and students will be interrupted when they have to log out and log back in if the class is longer than 40 minutes. If you do not want this situation to occur, users need to pay to use another version.

Not compatible with some older operating systems.


In the situation of Covid-19 translation, which is happening in a complicated case like this, the re-enrollment of students is still a question that has yet to be found. Zoom is one of the optimal options for users at this time, helping learners consolidate old knowledge, acquire new knowledge, and limit the spread of disease.