Since today you can download Super Mario Run for iOS on the App Store . We have looked at the game in advance and tell you whether the purchase is worthwhile. Nintendo announced a few months ago that one would like to bring several games for mobile devices on the market and has joined together here with DeNA. The games are not developed internally, for which Nintendo is decisively involved in the development and has not simply distributed licenses.

The first game, Miitomo , was, in my opinion, rather a reinfall and I book the “game” as a first walking attempt from Nintendo. The first “real” game for me is definitely Super Mario Run and I’ve been looking forward to it since the announcement on Apple’s iPhone event (it was my highlight of the event). Since today you can download the game for iOS on the App Store. It was adapted for the iPhone and iPad, but not for the Apple TV. So brave is not at Nintendo yet. The download is free, but you have to pay 10 Euro (one time), if you want the full range of functions.

The game is initially exclusively available for iOS, because Nintendo with Android simply too many robbery fears . An Android version will come , but when is currently unclear. This year definitely not more. I have already watched Super Mario Run and played a round. Here is my conclusion to the game.


Super Mario Run is a classic Mario game. Thanks to music and animations, Super Mario Run feels like a typical Mario, which may have played on the Nintendo 3DS lately. In total, you can conquer 6 worlds, each with four levels. So make 24 levels.

Note: In this case, there are fewer worlds than in a “normal” Super Mario. The game for iOS is also much cheaper .

This includes 3 normal worlds and one with a final boss. The levels are very varied. They also invite you to play them again and again. This is because you can collect 5 coins per level and after you have snatched the first 5 coins in a row, there are two more levels, where you also expect 5 coins.

The positions of the coins in the first pass are usually very easy to see and reach, but in the second it becomes more difficult and for the third pass you usually need some tests. It is also important that you collect all the coins in one pass and not gradually.

Not only the last 5 coins are difficult to create, in general Super Mario Run is a very challenging game. Especially when you have time in world 3 or 4 arrived. This level of difficulty should make you spend a few hours with the game. I’ve been running Super Mario Run in almost two days, but I was just starting to get an impression of each level. I did not finish collecting the coins.

In general, you can say that Super Mario Run also has a good mix on the well-known worlds of Super Mario, that is, desert, clouds, etc. The worlds are designed, unlike other Mario games, however not only for an area (for example Welt 3 only for the desert). It’s a very colorful mix.

If this becomes too boring, then there is still the rally mode. Here you can compete against friends and have to make a toads cheer while playing a level. This happens among other things by demanding jumps. Lots of Toads will follow you into your kingdom. Whoever has captured more Toads is also the winner of the duel.

What would we be in the third mode, which is not really a game. Here, however, one can gradually build up his kingdom, which has been destroyed. There is a shop where you can buy various items with coins and colorful toads. Thus, for example, characters such as Luigi are released.

To put it briefly, you can expect a “story mode” with 24 levels, which are quite demanding and which you can play more than once. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode, where you can compete against friends, who has not convinced me in the test now (it may change with real friends), and there is the option to build a kingdom with objects.

The mode that most of you may be interested in is probably the mode with the 6 worlds. I do not want to tell you so much here and believe that the video with the gameplay scenes is much more meaningful. I had a lot of fun in the first hours with Super Mario Run.

This is mainly due to the gameplay. The game has been adapted for the touch screen and you only need one finger to jump. Super Mario also skips some opponents and obstacles automatically. Luckily, Nintendo has not put any virtual buttons on the screen, as you can see from many other Jump’n’Runs. In my opinion, a great plus.

Mario runs in the game automatically, you can only jump. You have to get used to it as a Super Mario player. If one misses a box with question marks, one wants to return often and this coin still snap. Do not go here. At least not at will. There is always the option to be put into a bubble every time you restart a level. This then floats back until one can burst it with one click.

This works only twice per turn of a level. This is probably the solution for “back”, as you can collect two missed coins (for example, one of the important colored coins) two times per level. If you die, however, one of the two bubbles is withdrawn, so they are also lives.

Nintendo has also built a few elements that can be used to jump backwards, for example. These meet you here and there in the level.

All in all it is a mixture of endless-runner and classic platform’n’run. The simple gameplay does not mean that the game is simple. As I have already written: Above all from world 3 or 4 the game is nevertheless in some places demanding (if one all colored bonus coins would like). The end bosses of the respective worlds in my opinion are somewhat too light and the worlds could be a little bit longer for my taste.

Super Mario Run feels like a real Super Mario. It’s what I’ve been looking for in my iPad mini for years. Nintendo has not just taken an old Super Mario and donated these virtual buttons, a new game concept has been developed for smartphones and tablets. Super Mario Run is much more enjoyable on the iPad than on the iPhone.

The operation makes sense and is at the same time simple, but also demanding. The balancing act succeeds Nintendo. The game has been developed for touch screens. So I do not think that there will be any version for the Apple TV. Anyone who wants Mario on the TV, will have to wait for the switch in March 2017 .

Is the investment worth 10 euros? I think this is the most exciting question at this point. Super Mario Run has fewer and shorter levels than, for example, Super Mario Bros. for the 3DS. It costs only a quarter. Nevertheless, the question is posed by many, whether this is perhaps too much.

I think it’s just fine. Super Mario Run offers a lot of fun to justify 10 euros in my eyes. Of course, you pay a little bit the brand, another manufacturer for such a game could not ask for 10 euros. The best price would be, compared to other games measured, probably so at 4.99 euros for what is currently offered.

Super Mario is probably the most famous hero in the history of video games and Nintendo plays in the maps of course. One also remembers the current hype.

The great thing about Super Mario Run: The game is not shipped with in-app purchases. There would surely be enough elements where you could have built such, but you pay 10 euros and then its peace. I like that. And because I would like to support something, I would also pay the 10 euros for it.

You also have the advantage that you can play the first 3 levels free of charge and get a picture of yourself. In my opinion, these are enough to get a feel for Super Mario Run. If you decide to pay the 10 euros for the full version, this is in my opinion no mistake. The game will certainly ensure a lot of fun through the Christmas holidays. I have paid more money for cinema films and had less fun.