Search Engine Optimization is very important to get Good ranking in Google. Keyword Research is also an another main part of

) which decides the faith of each Article. If we are using High searched Keyword with less competition, then, it’s not a difficult task to rank higher, but if keyword searches are not enough, then, we will get nothing. So, it is very important to find the proper keywords to target. To do that, we need tools which are also very difficult to find. So, here we are sharing

which you can use for your website and Rank in SERP like a boss.

Wordtracker is tested personally by Me and it works very smoothly. It provides many different features which an be perfect for Any Online company or website to do keyword research. But Unfortunately, they only provide Few keyword researches Free, after that, you need to Pay monthly subscription amount which can be a big amount for a Newbie, but big companies can afford their service with eyes close.

It is most widely used tool as it is owned by Google. It provides most accurate Numbers. It can be a tricky one to use for Newbies, but only take a day or two to learn its usage. After that, your website or company can go up to another level using this Tool.

This can be helpful for company ad campaigns in finding Phrases or keywords. It can find thousands of phrases using a single word. You can also add A, b, c to the same word and it will give more related searches according to that. You must give it a try as it pulls all results from search engines.

Another tool that can give you more accurate numbers from all major search engines. You can get the PPC value of any word from past or present. But, it has a drawback for Newbies that it is not free to use tool. You need to pay a little amount. Still, you can use it free by using Free trial Mode for a tiny period of Time.

It serves Numbers from Bind Search Engine which is at 2nd place after Google. So, a must use tool because the Targeting popular keywords in Bing can also get a huge amount of traffic.

It is another free tool that allows you to get ideas. You just need to enter your entry and it will suggest many keywords and phrases related to your entry. You can enter the different word list in different boxes. So, a must try tool for you.

This tool allows you to check competitors keywords and also your own phrases, you are interested in. You can use this free or can become a subscribed member to avail premium features. It simply clears every aspect related to a keyword including Monthly searches, ranking difficulty, Cost per Click, Click through Rate, etc.

As you Know YouTube can drive Huge number of Visitors to your Blog, But you firstly need to target the correct keywords on YouTube to make your videos rank Higher then only you will get traffic to your site thorough Videos. So, to target popular words, you need to use this Tool. It is an official tool from YouTube.

With this Tool you can target different group of keywords  and also use it for both PPC and

. It is very easy to use tool. You must give it a try.

So, these are Popular

. If you are using any other tool for finding keywords, then, let us know via comments and don’t forget to share this Article on Social Networks.

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