I have the book– Words that sell— It is a great book!! I love it. I really love the different ideas that spawn from reading the book….but I have to tell you that.  I get lost! I don’t know where to start. I start jotting down words thinking -oh, that is a great one!- but seriously I am not a trained ad writer!! I am a mom. I own a business. I am doing this all by myself! — and I don’t have money to pay anyone else— How do these words play with each other? Do I use them all or just select a few?

So because I have to do this all by meself and without any ad knowledge or training— we have to figure out how to do this!!!  How do you figure out how to promote your blog? How about Promoting your craft business?

This little excerise {no heavy breathing or training suite required} will give you a great start on writing an ad all by yourself.  No really, you can do it- I promise!

First up you need to

* Make a collection.  A collection of words that sell.  I have found that I look through magazines a lot. I love them! They are full of great content, articles, pictures and guess what?  ADS!!!!

These are where the pro’s sell things! They know what words to use. They know what words sell.  They know placement, highlights, dashes, indents, colors and questions to ask to get people to their site and become a buyer.  Make their knowledge your knowledge.

Take an afternoon and sit down with your pile of wonderful magazines. Doesn’t really matter what they are on, or the subject.  All magazines have ads.  It is even better if those magazines are your own…because you will need to start clipping them!

It’s like a coupon assignment isn’t it?

What ones catch your eye? What words, colors did they use?  Cut that baby out and put it in your pile.

After you have gone through and now have a pile of ads.  I know weird, but really this works!

Now, take a good look at them and figure out which ones would work for your product or company.  Are they selling a membership like you? Are they selling something they ship like you? Do the give free shipping? What are the words that are hooking you into becoming a buyer?

Are you catching on now? Get where I am going with this?

Start making your own ad using thiers.  Plug in your product/business name where it should be.  Using their description as a foundation start plugging in your items. Go back over what words they use and switch anything that doesn’t work for you.  Do you sell workshops and they mention a membership? Change it.

You will never find one that will work perfectly for your business or products {that would require you to pay the pro} but you can change what you need to get the desired ad in the end.

Now, all you need to do it type it up, add the indents, highlights and colors and load it up on your page and sell!!!

I have used this method with wordage for workshop rules, regulations, and such.  Not just with ads.

You will not become a trained ad designer {maybe you will, who knows?} but you will gain a better understanding on how ads are done and what works.  You will find out what you like and don’t like in ads.

Part of you becoming a professional is getting to the point where you can hire out the ads and marketing…but until you get there you need to sell!  And of course to complete the visious cycle, you need ads to sell.

Stop they cycle and get making your own ads today.

—plus, it’s a great excuse to buy new magazines too—