There are many reasons why a keyboard might start getting glitches. Sometimes you do not need to repair or replace your keyboard in order to fix problems. There are many common laptop keyboard problems with simple ways to resolve the issues such asan external cleaning of your keyboard. If you have a keyboard vacuum, brush, air can or even a hair dryer, you can easily remove any debris. Before you know it, you will be back to work able to type without any issues.
If your keyboard does not work when you first turn on your computer, the best thing to do is to restart your computer. Sometimes, there is just a very minor, temporary glitch. When you turn your computer completely off, wait a minute or two, and then turn it back on. The glitch will be fixed through this restart. It is best to actually turn off your computer and turn it back on rather than restarting your computer. Turning it off resets the data better, helping to solve any glitches. Restarting sometimes will not fix the problem, even when turning it off does.
The issue may not be with your keyboard at all. A small test used to discover whether it is your keyboard or not is to simply plug in an external keyboard. If it works, then you have an issue with the driver or some other component, not your keyboard. First, try reinstalling the driver for your keyboard to see if that fixes your problem. Before proceeding, be sure to back up your computer in case something happens. On a PC, all you have to do is uninstall the device. Then scan for hardware changes, and it will reinstall the driver. It may also be a Windows problem. You can do a Windows system restore, bringing it back to a date before the problem started.
Sometimes, your keyboard works but the output on your screen is wrong. There are some common typing errors that happen that are not actually keyboard problems. If your numbers are not working, then you probably have numbers lock turned off. Sometimes, if you do have “numlock” activated, when you type using the letters, only numbers will appear. You will have to turn off “numlock” to repair this. This is different then the numbers lock key near your keypad. Sometimes, the FN key and the NUMLOCK key pushed together will fix it, depending on your OS system. If you have accidently pressed the insert key, then you will find that you are typing over your letters. Just press it again to fix it.
With these common laptop keyboard problems, you can quickly and easily fix them without even having to try to take apart your computer. If these small fixes do not fix your problem, then you can try to repair or replace your keyboard yourself. If you feel it is a larger issue or if you computer is still under warranty, you might want to take it into a computer store to get fixed.